20 February, 2014

Our Save the Date video

Here it is, our e-Save the Date! 

Budgeting - the most stress generating, restrictive yet important part of our wedding planning.  We are constantly looking for ways to cut costs, and the Save the Date seemed like a good one where we could get creative and save. As we are based in Singapore, and as most of our wedding guests are based in the UK, it made sense to send an e-Save the Date.  It was going to be a simple jpeg image, but that seemed too simple and we wanted to make it a little different somehow.  So, using the super fun slow motion feature on my new phone, and taking inspiration from the extremely fun and entertaining slow motion wedding video by Super Frog Saves Tokyo, we created a silly, cheesy and simple video selfie that we hoped would be fun for our family and friends to watch - especially as they don't see us that often since we moved to Singapore. General reaction was great, with a few saying it's the best Save the Date they have ever received!

What's also great is that we were able to provide a slight sense of what we hope to have on the wedding day...some fun and silly behaviour :)