30 July, 2012

Travel Archive - Argentina 2010

Looking back at some old travel pics and videos, came across my first video montage of our trip to Argentina in October 2010. We only went for two weeks, which definitely wasn't enough time, so we WILL have go back again sometime soon. Some highlights include an afternoon horse riding in a National Park just on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Caballos A La Par (www.caballos-alapar.com) were just fantastic, and gave us such a memorable experience. Adrian, the ranch owner himself, picked us up from our hostel and drove us to the ranch. The second highlight was when we had an incredibly close encounter with a Southern Right whale, just after swimming with sea lions in Pueto Mureno. The whale seemed very curious with the four of us on our little boat, circled us three times slowly before getting bored and swam away. If you love wildlife, steak and wine...book at least four weeks off work and go to Argentina.

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