19 November, 2011


I've received a few emails asking where I bought this backless dress - Well, the brand is Religion, and there is a store on Brick lane in London, but I actually purchased this particular dress from ASOS in the sale in the Outlet section. Typically, they didn't have my size, but I loved it so much I bought the smallest and only size available - a UK size 14. But I don't mind this as it means more beads ;)

05 November, 2011

First tropical weekend away - Bali!

My first time in Ubud, Bali was lovely. Full of Balinese culture, food and arts and crafts in Ubud. Locals seemed friendly abeit can sometimes be a bit bothersome. Regardless we enjoyed our time here and will come back to Bali again!

28 October, 2011

❤ Chanel ❤ Reebonz Singapore!

I have discovered a gem of a store in Singapore - Reebonz! (www.reebonz.com) Some great discounts across a wide range of luxury brands. Was so pleased with my vintage Chanel number. Completely obsessed with tassles.

18 October, 2011

The white box condo - a homely challenge

We are loving the floor to ceiling windows that fill up the space - something which we never had in London. But we found our biggest challenge was to make this clinical white unit cosy and homely. With a couple of excellent used furniture purchases from eBay and Gumtree (sofa and Grandma armchair) our condo living space is finally beginning to shape up. 

10 September, 2011

Bye bye London town...Hello tropical Singapore!

So...it is now September 2011, and we have left our home comforts of London. We are moving onto the unknown...Singapore. Well, 'unknown' to me...the other half G stopped off here during his backpacking year out. The only memory he could recall was the intense humidity - and it is indeed intense. Here's hoping we climatise asap! Regardless, i'm enjoying the tropical heat and so far, I don't miss the cold at all!
This picture was taken from Level 33, great views and great simple food.