18 January, 2013

Birthday surprise treat! Telunas beach Indonesia

It's the month of January, which means I'm another year older *sighh* but also means being spoilt rotten :-) This year I was whisked away for a romantic weekend to Telunas beach on Sugi island Indonesia. It was absolute bliss, complete R&R and was overall what I like to call simple luxe. Our accommodation was made completely out of wood, and our private chalet was set on barnacled stilts set in the middle of the ocean. Complete with a private balcony with an idyllic view of the sunset. We lazed and swung in hammocks, caught fish, ate the fish, drank, red wine and loose leaf tea, had private bonfires and toasted marshmallows and washed them down with Moët. At only a 3.5 hour journey by ferry and boat from Singapore, we would definitely go again! 

Telunas beach

Telunas beach bonfire
Private bonfire + toasting marshmallows + Moët.
Telunas beach

Telunas beach

Telunas beach
Telunas beach fishing
T - 6, W - 0

Telunas beach private dinner

Double hammock

Telunas beach breakfast
Ocean brekkie

Our private wooden chalet

View from our private balcony - amazing!

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