23 October, 2012

Paul Smith launch - Singapore

The first Paul Smith store in Singapore is now open, and in a prime spot right by the main entrance of the Mandarin Gallery. An English garden party was held to mark the occasion, complete with an Astro Turf lawn and bushes, a mini bar serving draft beer, and Champagne of course, and a hearty spread of British-esque treats including meat pie slices, cupcakes and tartes. I should have worn my boater hat...tipped to the side. 

The man Paul Smith himself was there, and was more than happy to have his photograph taken with a long line of Paul Smith respecters and admirers. The spacious tore stocked the usual Paul Smith classics, and will no doubt be a hit amongst the preppy Singaporean crowds who appreciate the preppy English look and style.

Paul Smith amongst his many fans

Wearing leather skirt - PPQ Preen, Blazer - Zara, Coral Top (actually a dress tucked into my skirt) - Aqua, Necklace - Zara, Silver mirror shoes - Berksha, Chanel vintage bag

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