01 August, 2012

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Inspired by The Amazing Race US TV show, we decided to jump on a flight to Yogyakarta (aka Jojakarta). Being only a two hour flight from Singapore, it was an ideal weekend getaway location. We stayed at the All Seasons hotel - great service and also houses Yogyakarta's first roof top bar. The city was friendly, lively, energetic, and dusty. 

W T highlights include:
  • Borobudar temple - Borobudar lay hidden for centuries under layers of volcanic ash and jungle growth. The temple is a 9th century Mahayana Buddist monument and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Go at sunrise! We went on a perfectly crisp and clear morning, with just the right amount of picturesque mist when we reached the top. It was incredibly awe-inspiring and beautiful, and an absolute must see.  

  • The Prambanan temple - Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia built in the 9th century. The temples were already in a state of abandonment, but then collapsed during a major earthquake in the 16th century. The ruins scattered around the area were still recognizable and known to the local Javanese people and the temples are still being rebuilt today.

  • Jomblong cave - Whilst in Yogyakarta, it was difficult to find who to contact to arrange a trip to descend into Jomblong cave. Our accommodation, although they tried, were unable to help and many had not even heard of the cave. We eventually got in touch with Jarody Hestu of Equator Indonesia.  They usually only take a group of five, but as there were just two of us who were interested on a particular date, we paid to cover the cost of a group! Jarody lived near our hotel in the city, so he picked us up in the early hours, in a comfortable car with a/c, and the journey took about two hours. We met Jarody's team of eight men, who suited us up, with headlights and helmets and were lowered one-by-one into the 80m deep 'pot hole'. The walls of the pot hole was an incredibly dense, tropical, lush, rainforest. Awe-inspiring to be slowly lowered into. When we all reached the bottom, it was eery, but wonderful. We were then led away on a short trek through a slippery dark cave, until we reached an underground river, with the strongest current and was quite wobbly walking through. We had then reached the other pothole named Laweng Grubug, where we witnessed the most amazing sight of the mid-day sun light beaming through. It was quite a 'heavenly' sight! It was amazing, but unfortunately our camera didn't quite capture the image. An incredible experience and something we would certainly recommend!
  • Insect repellent
  • Waterproofs, sudden downpoors
  • Waterproof camera case (mainly for Jomblang cave)
  • Sunblock
  • UV umbrella - the sun can be intense!
All Seasons hotel Yogyakarta
Rooftop bar and pool at the All Seasons hotel

Borobudor temple Yogyakarta
Borobudor temple

Borobudor temple Yogyakarta
Borobudar temple
Prambanan Yogyakarta
Prambanan temple

Jomblang cave Yogyakarta
Going down Jomblang cave

Laweng Grubug Yogyakarta
Midday sun streaming through Laweng Grubug

Laweng Grubug Yogyakarta

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