27 June, 2012

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Being half Vietnamese, I was very excited and keen to visit anywhere in Vietnam for the weekend. When we finally decided and booked to go to Ho Chi Minh city, I tried to recall my memories of when I first visited at just 9 years old. I haven't been back since that time, but I still have a few memories such as seeing thousands of people riding rusty bicycles from our hotel balcony, and markets where pigs snouts and trotters were for sale, buddist monks dodging the bicycle traffic. Now, 19 years later times have indeed changed and there are now thousands and thousands of motorcycles and scooters - evading the roads creating chaotic traffic and polluting the humid air. Where mere pedestrians would have to take an almighty breath to cross the road by.....just walking into the traffic and crossing. I loved our weekend away to Ho Chi Minh, such a vibrant city filled with charming locals. I just wish I could speak the language. 

Our W T tips:
  • XO Tours - whisked away on the back of scooters with very sweet team of female drivers. The tour guides took us to some truly local districts where tourists never venture (apart from ourselves). Great food and great tour!

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